Ajaya Panda



Ajaya is a great mentor and gem of a person. He does not focus on only getting the job done but as a transformational leader, he taps into the emotions of his community.
He enthuses huge confidence in all stakeholders. Always allows his community to develop personally & Professionally by recognizing their strengths & potential.
He is always an inspiration that pushes people to plow through difficult times and to work on achieving their goals even when times are unprecedented.

Ratikanta Panigrahy (Associate Consultant)

I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Ajay since my post-graduate time, he is the first one to tell me I poses leadership qualities and gave me confidence to thrive in the corporate world. He is few of the people who I have a real impact on my career. I see him as a people and goal-oriented person.

He comes with new concepts that frequently amaze you each and every time you attend his any event.Ajay is a true coach who cares about his clients ,focus pay attention to details and has no dread of routine work I saw him helping people anytime.

His extraordinary ability to analyze any situation/problem and outline innovative suggestions /ideas is invaluable.

Jayaram Dora(Sales Manager)

Ajay is one of the most enthusiastic and tuned in facilitators I have worked with. In the two years that I have known him, his zest for each project and his ability to connect and deliver at all levels, be it college students, new joiners or experienced folk only grows.
I also greatly admire his quality of going above and beyond the call of duty not only with his trainees but also with colleagues.
Ajay is highly dynamic and vibrant in his facilitation and has a can do attitude which will make him an asset for every trainee who has the opportunity to interact with him..

Smitha Srikanth(Director - FluenCy)

Ajay is a wonderful trainer who knows the entire Training cycle and gives very realistic objectives for the various training programmes he does. He makes sure that those objectives are met and is a wonderful coach. I have known him since many years and have seen him train people and making a mark.He is dedicated, hardworking and designs training content which is easy for audience. Hope he keeps on growing and all the best for all his future endeavors.

Dr. Er. Vinay Chopra ( Director)

Ajay is one of the best trainer, very energetic and inspirational speaker/ Trainer who easily draws attention of audience.
delivering the core objective of the training in a clear crisp manner , understanding the trainees and their interest makes his training sessions more interactive and interesting 👍

Lokesh Kanakaraju( Senior Manager)

To be frank, Ajay is a mesmerizing facilitator and Speaker, The Audience are always glued to him. With more than a decade of experience in L&D, he is the best as they come. His passion for enabling people is clearly visible and being so tenured, he is a very Humble person, never afraid to take risks. He is also a vivid reader and always willing to learn something new, be it from any source. And a true friend too.
All the Very best my friend.

Amit Jadhav (Consultant )