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Our aim is to inspire innovation, growth, and positive change & strive to ignite a spark of inspiration that propels you towards success.

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D.A.R.E Workshop (Online-live)

A two weeks online (live) workshop to D.A.R.E. you to dream big and achieve even bigger in life, career or business.

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Stand-out Communicators Masterclass (Live - online)

A four weeks online (live) masterclass to help you better communicators in your both personal and professional life and achieve the desired results / outcomes with power of your communication skills. 

Inspiring Results

Our commitment to our clients’ growth is founded on three pillars: trust, quality, and results. Trust forms the bedrock of our relationships, as we believe in transparent communication, reliability, and integrity in every interaction. Quality is non-negotiable in everything we do.

Our focus is not just on short-term gains but on nurturing long-term relationships built on trust, mutual respect, and shared success.


Our client’s trust is paramount to us. It serves as the cornerstone of our business ethos, guiding every interaction, decision, and endeavor we undertake. We are committed to fostering open communication, delivering on promises, and exceeding expectations at every turn.

We strive to cultivate long-lasting relationships built on mutual respect, integrity, and accountability.


Quality is our priority in all learning interventions. Our team constantly improves our methods to meet industry standards and adapt to learners’ needs.

Whether it’s a custom training session or an online module, we ensure excellence to help learners succeed.


We pride ourselves on delivering the results our clients aim to achieve. Through collaboration, dedication, and expertise, we work diligently to turn our clients’ visions into reality.

Whether it’s reaching sales targets, enhancing brand recognition, or maximising team performance, we’re committed to delivering visible outcomes. 

Ajaya Panda is Founder & Director atRebooot Life Solutions Pvt. Ltd

We collaborate with leaders and their organisations, to help them build winning teams. We will be happy to help you develop dynamic leaders and build winning teams for your organisation. 

We support with customised People Development Solutions to boost performance and productivity. Scope of engagement also includes business development, customer service, employee retention solutions.

Our Vision

To empower and transform businesses and professionals globally, fostering a culture of continuous growth, innovation, and leadership excellence.

Our Mission

To provide best in class learning and development, coaching, and business strategy solutions that enable organizations and individuals to unleash their potential, drive performance and achieve goals.

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Ajaya Panda is the founder and director of Rebooot Life solutions Pvt. Ltd. His life philosophy and guiding principles are based on the idea of LEAD (yourself), CARE (everyone) and INSPIRE (the world).

Ajaya is a Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach and a Business Growth Consultant always works with the aim of serving the business organisations and
contributing towards the performance development of teams and theirleaders. 

He comes with 17 years of corporate experience in the field of HR, Education, Coaching, Corporate Training and Business Consulting. He is acknowledged for his energy and ability to connect with his audience in no time. He believes in facilitating creative imagination to empower his participants to the next level.

Focus on Inspiring Results
Focus on People & Performance
Client's Trust & Satisfaction

Our Best Services

Growth Needs of Start-ups, SMEs & Other Business Organisations

Business Growth Solutions

We help our clients train, educate and retain their best talents for long and also work together to attract, serve and retain customers

Sales & Marketing Strategy

We Develop customised offerings to cater Sales & Marketing Growth Needs of Start-ups, SMEs & Other business organisations

Business Plan Development

Exclusive service for those who dream to start their own business.

Build Your Brand

We work closely with our clients in building their Personal Brand and also the Branding of their Products, Services & the entire Business.

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Risk Management

We help the business leaders & organisations Think Better, Plan Better and Strategise Better to minimise business risks and grow without challenging road-blocks.

Client Testimonial

We highly value our clients’ experiences and suggestions, actively learning from them to continually improve and strengthen our services.

Ajay is one of the best trainer, very energetic and inspirational speaker/ Trainer who easily draws attention of audience. delivering the core objective of the training in a clear crisp manner , understanding the trainees and their interest makes his training sessions more interactive and interesting.


    AGM - Torrent Pharma

    Ajaya is a great mentor and gem of a person. He does not focus on only getting the job done but as a transformational leader, he taps into the emotions of his community. He enthuses huge confidence in all stakeholders. Always allows his community to develop personally & Professionally by recognizing their strengths & potential. He is always an inspiration that pushes people to plow through difficult times and to work on achieving their goals even when times are unprecedented.

      Ratikanta Panigrahy
      Ratikanta Panigrahy

      Sr. Consultant Consultant at Volvo IT

      Ajay is one of the most enthusiastic and tuned in facilitators I have worked with. He is highly dynamic and vibrant in his facilitation and has a can do attitude which will make him an asset for every trainee who has the opportunity to interact with him.


        Director - fluenCy

        Ajay is a wonderful trainer who knows the entire Training cycle and gives very realistic objectives for the various training programmes he does. He makes sure that those objectives are met and is a wonderful coach. I have known him since many years and have seen him train people and making a mark.He is dedicated, hardworking and designs training content which is easy for audience. Hope he keeps on growing and all the best for all his future endeavors.

          Vinay Chopra
          Vinay Chopra

          Director Placement - Gurunanak Institutions, Hyderabad- India

          To be frank, Ajaya is a mesmerising facilitator and speaker, Audience are always glued to him. His passion for enabling people is clearly visible and being so tenured, he is very humble, never afraid to take risks. He is also a vivid reader and always wiling to learn something new. A true friend too.

            Amit J
            Amit J

            Sr. Consultant

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