Ajaya Panda


I help and coach people in creating their best
versions and lead an abundant life...

Everyone needs a coach. It Doesn’t’t matter whether you are a basket ball player, a tennis player, a gymnast, or a bridge player.”

Bill Gates

Coaching for Professional Success


Be the leader @ work!!
Achieve the leadership portfolio, earlier than you imagine is possible.


Be the BRAND you!!
Achieve your Branding Goals to create an unique identity.

Career Acceleration

Create your dream MONDAYs!!
Achieve your career success and satisfaction, before it's too late.

Impactful Presentation

Create an impact when you Present Next.
Achieve Presentation success, with proven strategies.

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Coaching for Personal Success

Achieve a fulfilled - satisfied & happy life...

“If you re going through any challenges in life or nothing in your life is challenging you to grow,” we can work together through our Result-oriented Coaching Framework to Create a Life you love. The Following could be some of the areas in which you might be needing help:

  1. Personal Happiness
  2. Better Relationships
  3. Self-management
  4. Life Goals & Dreams
  5. Managing Stress  
  6. Communication Skills 
  7. Overcoming Depression
  8. Confidence Building 

Feel free to reach out. I will be your personal coach for solutions – success and smiles.

'Ajaya - LIVE' Online Solutions

Let's create a breakthrough and develop the mind-set to learn and grow in LIFE!!

Coaching for Startup Owners and Entrepreneurs (On-line)

During this time of difficulties and uncertainties, Ajaya is here to - COACH the Startup Owners and Entrepreneurs to reboot their Business Strategies and continue the momentum.

Corporate Group Coaching (On-line)

It's not the time to move out or assemble your teams for learning and development activities out-side. Reach out for customised coaching solutions for your Team success.

Executive Coaching (On-line)

Dear Corporate Professionals / Leaders, if you are still contemplating about your journey to the next level in career or life, then the RIGHT TIME IS NOW.

In the era of COVID-19

Looking for guidance and support in Personal or Professional / Business Success??

Remember – It’s Never Too Late To Begin!!

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