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When was the last time you sharpened your AXE ?

I asked this question to Rajesh a project manager in an IT company, during one of my coaching session last year. He replied: what do you mean??

Let me tell you a story: Once the Owner of a big furniture company, hired a young dynamic wood cutter to cut trees to be used for creating beautiful furniture.

Day 1 @ Job: the wood cutter worked with a lots of excitement and energy and could cut 18 trees by the end of the day. He reported to his boss and got pat in the back. He promised his boss to perform better the next day. Day: 2 @ Job: The wood cutter got 20 trees down with his hard work. Day: 3 @ Job: The count of trees came down to 14. Day: 4, 5 & 6 @ Job: The count of trees went drastically down to 12, 8 & 6 respectively.

Day: 7 @ Job: The frustrated wood cutter could get only 4trees down. And on his way back, his fear, frustration and failure had pushed him to decide to step down from his job and intimate his boss. He returned to the factory and reached his boss and told the story of past 7days. And expressed to accept his resignation from the job.

His boss asked with a smile, dear - when was the last time you sharpened your AXE ?
Learning notes: Continual sharpening of your axe (knowledge / skills / attitude) would help you cut more trees.

We here at REBOOOT LIFE ACADEMY offers you an opportunity to sharpening your axe (knowledge / skills / attitude) to climb the ladder of success with clarity, confidence & commitment to achieve more in life, career and business. Ajaya has coached – counselled and mentored more than 2400 hrs in last 4 years and delivered 11000 hrs of live training in past 8years, and directly & indirectly more than 45000 participants from diversified industry backgrounds have benefited.

I welcome to you to be a part of REBOOOT LIFE ACADEMY, and create the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMs.
With Gratitude
Ajaya Panda

Learn continually - there's always "one more thing" to learn!

Steve Jobs

WHO - this is For?

Any one who believes in the power and value of their Dreams / Goals & Ambitions. 

Any one who doesn’t want to get settled, but thrive for the big run in life. 

Anyone who is willing to walk that extra mile & invest in themselves, to understand that the next level of achievement in life, career & business always demands that next version of you.

WHAT - We Aim To Achieve?


from seeding to reaping – learn the art and science of personal & professional growth throughout the year


Goals - Dreams - Ambitions

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Lots of dreams / goals die because we never start working on them. Reflect on your goals and dreams which you had 3/5/ 10years ago, how many of them have you achieved!! We will help you, set the right goals, create road maps and action plans which would help you achieve more of your dreams in years to come.


Self Leadership

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” – Oprah Winfrey

Self- discipline and leadership is the key to to lead your life. If fail to lead yourself, then you can never lead anyone in the world. At Rebooot LIFE Academy, you will master the art and science of Self-leadership and establish yourself as a leader. 


Emotional Well-being

Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them. – Joubert Botha

Mental health plays an important role in the way we deal with stress, how we relate to others, and the decisions we make in our daily lives. And this success in our daily lives is the work in progress for a happy and fulfilled live. We shall help you live your life with less regrets and more joy. 


High Performance - Productivity

It is not enough to be busy…. The question is: What are we busy about?” –Henry David Thoreau

We have been quite busy and overwhelmed  lately, with the changes & challenges entire world is going through. In order to beat the pressure to perform or perish we need to do things more than just being busy. Let’s work it out in a way that will not only work as a shield to safe guard our professional growth but also help us become productive and achieve more. 


From Limiting Beliefs & Fears

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” ―Mary Kay Ash

Winning over your self-limiting believes and fears will elevate you to success. Understanding your mental blocks, then practicing right affirmations to overcome them can do wonders in your career and life. Our limiting beliefs doesn’t even let us initiate. 


Energy - Enthusiasm @ Everyday

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

Energy and enthusiasm is everything in life, the more you generate it the more it advances. We need to work on our morning rituals, sleeping patterns, energy boosting tools to stay active throughout the days – weeks and months to be able to accelerate our personal and professional growth. Let’s learn how! 

HOW - Can You Join?

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* Session Specific E-study Materials for reference and review to keep yourself in track to achieve more.
* Get First preference on future workshops / courses & merchandise.
*Priceless networking opportunity with members.
* 20% discount on our upcoming premium workshops

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Experience of Corporate Professionals with Ajaya

Ajaya is a great mentor and gem of a person. He does not focus on only getting the job done but as a transformational leader, he taps into the emotions of his community. He enthuses huge confidence in all stakeholders. Always allows his community to develop personally & Professionally by recognizing their strengths & potential. He is always an inspiration that pushes people to plow through difficult times and to work on achieving their goals even when times are unprecedented.
Ratikanta Panigrahy
Senior IT Consultant at Volvo IT, Bangalore India
Thank you AJAYA PANDA sir for inviting me to POWER MIND-SET SESSION. It was amazingly motivational. An excellent speaker that encourages how to deal with life from day to day.. Dealing with our own failures and fears. Just a right mindset to achieve success. Truly the session was timely in this pandemic that we are experiencing... 
Sheila Mae Malesido
ABM Teacher, Marikina City,Philippines
Ajay is one of the best trainer, very energetic and inspirational speaker/ Trainer who easily draws attention of audience. delivering the core objective of the training in a clear crisp manner , understanding the trainees and their interest makes his training sessions more interactive and interesting 👍
Lokesh Kanakaraju
Senior Manager at Biocon Biologics, Bangalore India
I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Ajay since my post graduate time, he is the first person to tell me that I poses leadership quality and gave me confidence to thrive in the corporate world. He is one of the few people who have real impact on my career. I see him as a people and goal oriented person. He comes with new concepts frequently, that would amaze you each and every time you attend any of his event. Ajay is a true coach who cares about his clients ,focus pay attention to details and has no dread of routine work I saw him helping people anytime. His extraordinary ability to analyze any situation/problem and outline innovative suggestions /ideas is invaluable.
Jayaram Dora
Telesales Manager at SRJ Solution LLC United Arab Emirates
To be frank, Ajay is a mesmerizing facilitator and Speaker, Audience are always glued to him. With more than a decade of experience in L&D, he is the best as they come. His passion for enabling people is clearly visible and being so tenured, he is a very Humble person, never afraid to take risks. He is also a vivid reader and always willing to learn something new, be it from any source. And a true friend too. All the Very best my friend.
Amit Jadhav
Master Trainer - Soft Skills & Behaviour Skills, Bangalore - India
Ajay is a wonderful trainer who knows the entire Training cycle and gives very realistic objectives for the various training programmes he does. He makes sure that those objectives are met and is a wonderful coach. I have known him since many years and have seen him train people and making a mark.He is dedicated, hardworking and designs training content which is easy for audience. Hope he keeps on growing and all the best for all his future endeavors.
Dr. Vinay Chopra
Director Placement - Gurunanak Institutions, Hyderabad- India
Ajaya’s Session was fantastic. His expressions were nice. The clarity on decision and solution was given with practical examples. Happy to attend the session.
Srinivas Achary
Costing HEAD
I want to thank for adding me to the session. I liked the most how AJAYA was addressing questions politely and patiently. I learned how to keep my mind positive and in right direction to complete any task, goals and succeed in life.
Naveen Sura
PD Genpact - Hyderabad

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself... The more you learn, the more you'll earn.

Warren Buffett

Think about it…

How long have you been dreaming about doing something bigger, something different, something unique and magnificient?

And I know some of us have extra challenges right now. We are highly overwhelmed with a lot going on in the entire world. But if you’re willing to commit to showing up and being present, the amount of work we’ll get done together will not only transform your approach towards life but also help you influence people around you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All the live sessions will be held on 1st Day of every month on-line from IST 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Session wise details will be sent to your registered mail-id. 

We have designed all our live sessions in a way that you are learning and getting your queries resolved at the same time. These are going to be highly interactive Live sessions with fun – learn approach. 

Yes, you will have an access to all the replays for free, as long as you are a member. 

You will also have a access to the study-materials along with session recordings. 

Yes, after every session we will send your session-specific e-study materials to your registered mail-id for your future use. 

You can also take print-outs of the e-study materials and create your learning journal. 

Yes, absolutely. This is where you will learn to work on your internal blocks and rise to be a better leader in life and career. 

Yes, after you register as a member, you will get access to our Private Facebook Group and WhatsApp group community where you will receive tips and tools in regular intervals to help you keeping your momentum on. 

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” 

Karen Lamb