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Let’s Create The Life of Your DREAMS…


with AJAYA !!

I Help & Coach People Feel Great about How They Are and Can develop their very own Life-style!!


'Discover - Design - Develop' Your Personal Style To Success and Own the Confidence That Comes with It.


What is it?

This is an action packed – fun-filled – result oriented program for 100days to creating a Transformational Journey to the Life you have always wanted to live…

‘The CHOICES you make, & the DECISIONS you take’ changes the course of your DESTINY. 

NOW is the time to make a Choice and Take a Decision to start this #journey100days with me that would add the WOW effect to your Personal Branding and Style – Of – Life!! Let’s work together one on one, to Make It Happen!!


I Love to Help People Feel Great about How They Look - Think - Feel.


01. My Leadership Styling

Let's create the Leadership style that suits you the best and can transform the way you live.

02. Mind-set Cleanse

Budha says, Mind is everything, what you think you become!!
Let's detox the mindset to create one, that's invincible.

03. Dream-Life Tour

If you can dream it, you can have it!!
Let's create a VISION for your life - life-style & the way-of-living..

Ajaya - Live Training & Coaching Sessions


Happy Students



Let’s create the Leadership style that suits you the best and can transform the way you live.

Let’s create the Mind-set that’s strong enough to face the challenges of life Head-on!!

Let’s Create a Vision for Life. 


I've Worked with 1000s of people across age group to help them RISE-UP in life and prosper!!



There will be pre-scheduled live training sessions.  

Separate Coaching sessions to work together and achieve together.  [Both Face 2 Face and Online ]

Every Week Work-sheets in your INBOX to work. 

Days – Weeks!!

I Can Help You Take Your next Step Regardless of your journey so far!!

Yes, I want to start my Transformational #journey100days

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*No Terms and Conditions Applied!!

One on One Result Oriented Mode On!!

This #journey100days is a highly confidential and customised result oriented work. 

You and Me will do a lot of work together for next 100days to creating this Transformational Journey. 

I am committed. Are you ready?