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About Me

Ajaya Panda

Ajaya Panda is a passionate behavioural skills catalyst of ‘people and results’. Participants benefit from his wealth of knowledge and corporate experience of over 15 years from HR, Teaching, Counseling, Learning & Development and Coaching.

A corporate trainer – professional speaker – coach and his expertise lies in result oriented communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, next-level leadership, leader as a coach, increasing team productivity & performance. 

He is acknowledged for his energy and ability to connect with his audience in no time. He believes in facilitating creative imagination to empower his participants to the next level.

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Dear Corporate Leaders

Ajaya Panda is the Founder & CEO of REBOOOT LIFE SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD, a Learning & Development and Business Consulting Organisation. Kindly explore our Corporate Training, Coaching Interventions & Consulting Solutions.  

In gratitude, look forward to serving contributing towards the development of your people and organisation.