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10 Weeks - 1200 minutes Certificate Program

Designed & Developed to equip you with practical tools and skills that will boost your confidence to communicate your ideas anytime anywhere. 

“Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.” Jim Rohn

Participants Who Have Benefited From This Masterclass

As a leader I faced challenges to ensure the consistent productivity from my team. During the Confident Communicator Masterclass, I realised my power of assertive communication, effective e-mail writing, conflict resolution amongst many other benefits.
Today my team is recognised and awarded by the company, makes me a proud manager. Thank you Ajaya. 
Sujit Sadangi 
CFP Professional - Pune 

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I started my journey from a small town. English was my second language during my graduation. I encountered several challenges during my first few years in the corporate world, due to my in adequate communication. During these difficult times I felt my self-confidence and motivation dip to very low levels. However, I had a dream and I was not going to let a few road blocks deter me from traveling, enjoying the journey of life. In last 17 years I have donned the caps of being a teacher, coach, mentor, founder and Professional Speaker.

In SCM, I have curated the simple, result-oriented, implementable techniques.  These techniques are a result of my experiences of what helps working professionals to rise above the day to day challenges. 

I invite you to join me on this amazing 10 weeks journey, to experience the Stand-out Communicator Masterclass and transform your life.

 Ajaya Panda

Master-class Facilitator 

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Professional Communication Skills Assessment –

5 Steps Approach – To Help You Understand Your Current Professional Communication Capabilities

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Stand-out Communicator Is A Practical And Power-Packed Online Masterclass To Empower You Communicate Confidently With Anyone Anytime.

Who Can Attend This Masterclass.

  • This workshop is exclusively designed for working professionals and business owners
  • Any professional aiming to develop confidence and impact during their communication at work and in personal life within 100 days.

Stand-out Communicators​

Masterclass overview

10 Weeks Online - 1200 Mins LIVE - 100 Days Commitment

Welcome to the Comprehensive Stand-out Communicators Masterclass! In this course, you will gain practical insights and strategies to enhance your communication skills in various personal, professional or business scenarios. From developing a unique communication style to navigating difficult situations and building strong relationships, this course will empower you to communicate with confidence, clarity, and impact.

Get ready to take your communication abilities to new heights and unlock new opportunities for success.

Module 1: Mastering Your Communication Style

In this module, you will understand the importance of effective communication in various settings and learn how to develop a unique, authentic and confident communication style.

Module 2: Building Confidence in Professional Relationships

Building strong professional relationships is key to success. In this module, we will explore strategies to approach difficult/senior individuals and peers with confidence. You will learn techniques for handling conflicts and disagreements professionally and regaining control in intimidating situations.

Module 3: Crafting Impactful Communication

In this module, we will delve into techniques for communicating appropriately to achieve the best results. You will learn how to tailor your content and style to different situations and audiences. Additionally, we will focus on using clear and concise language to convey your messages effectively.

Module 4: Communication extends beyond just words.

In this module, we will explore the role of body language in communication and how it impacts your interactions. You will learn how to effectively communicate with strangers, excel in interviews, and make a positive impression in business settings, with the power of your tone of voice, pitch and positive body language.

Module 5: Communication Styles For Career / Business Advancement

In this module, we will equip you with strategies to navigate and win over challenging scenarios at work and in life. You will gain the confidence to ask for a salary hike or promotion, as well as develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. You will also learn how to negotiate with a client to create a win win solution.

Throughout these modules, you will acquire practical skills and knowledge to excel in various communication scenarios and enhance your professional interactions.

"Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life."
Brian Tracy

How will you be benefit from this Masterclass? ​

“Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.” — Theo Gold 

Implementable Benefits Include:

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60 – Pages E-work book  for reference – review and to keep yourself in track to become a Stand-out communicator.

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I am working in a highly diversified environment where there are varieties of stake holders. I manage a technical team of four people and deal with international clients everyday.
In this role my communication plays a vital role in completing my tasks and getting the job by my team. At the beginning, I was a bit apprehensive about joining 'Confident Communicator Masterclass - 2021' by Ajaya Panda from Rebooot Life Academy. However during the course Ajaya guided through various practical & situation based case studies, direct Q&As, helped me immensely. As a result I could lead my with confidence. And I could create an impact while communicating with key stake holders and international clients.  
I would highly recommend this workshop to working professionals who are looking for practical solutions to their everyday communication challenges.  

Thanks to Ajaya Panda,
Ratikanta Panigrahy
Sr. IT Solution Architect


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