Presentations * Personality Style * Public Speaking

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2-days Power-packed Experiential Learning Workshop to build your presence and personal brand by improving your

Presentations * Personality Style * Public Speaking

“Public speaking is a critical leadership skill that can help you inspire and influence others.” – John C. Maxwell

If you are --

Aspiring Leaders

The professionals in the journey to become leaders in their career or business.

Inspiring Leaders

The Professionals who are in a leadership role and want to build their brand and presence.

Sales & Marketing Professionals

The Professionals who are in the space of Business Development must attend increase their revenue and build their brand

Business Owners

The Business Owners and entrepreneurs in journey to expand their business or to establish their credibility in the market.

The CAs, Lawyers & CS

The professionals building or expanding their own brand and business.

Start-up Founders

Who are either STARTING or SCALING their Start-ups, pitching in front of investors or clients, must attend.

The Doctors

All the Young and Senior Dynamic Doctors want to want stand out in their competitive market.

The Faculties & Teachers

All the Young and Senior Faculties and Teachers who don't want to settle small.

.. then this 2-Days work-shop is exclusively for you!!

If You are --

— missing out on career opportunities due to a fear of public speaking or presentation skills

— struggling to communicate effectively in your personal or professional life

— experiencing significant anxiety or nervousness while speaking or presenting

— struggle to handle difficult questions or challenges from the audience

— an entrepreneur or business owner who needs to pitch your ideas or products to investors or clients

then, don’t worry, you are not alone!!

10% of the population loves speaking in front of people,
10% are terrified of speaking in front of people,
while 80% fall somewhere in the middle, who are not very keen to speak!!

Picture 11

What We think and feel about public speaking!!

You are not alone!!

My hands get sweaty, my heart beats fast, and my mind starts racing before giving a presentation or speaking in public.

Quite relatable,  isn’t it!!

We are talking about Glossophobia, in other words known as one of the biggest fears people have is of Public Speaking!!

According to one estimate, about 75 % of people suffer from various forms of this phobia and 10 % of people are genuinely terrified.

Source Credit: wiki/glossophobia

Get your 41 pages work-book​ during the workshop

with simple tools and techniques that you can practice on a daily basis to improve your presentations / public speaking skills in next 180-days.

Benefits of attending this workshop are:

  • Overcoming fear and anxiety when speaking in public
  • Improving delivery skills such as tone, pace, and body language
  • Developing effective strategies for engaging and connecting with the audience
  • Mastering the art of storytelling and creating compelling narratives
  • Improving the ability to structure and organize presentations effectively
  • Developing skills for handling difficult questions and challenging situations
  • Using visual aids effectively to support presentations
  • Understanding and managing stage fright and performance anxiety

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To ask – understand, how can this workshop benefit you!!

Some of the toughest road bocks to success and growth in career and business are ineffective presentation skills, unprofessional personality and fear of public speaking!!

This 2-days workshop will help you remove these roadblocks and advance in your growth journey.. 



Personality Style

Public speaking

In this high engaging and interactive 2 Days workshop will equip you with tools, techniques and strategies that you can start implementing from the very next day at your work place, during a meeting or even on your next stage appearance.

No words tech

We can express the most impactful messages with out even speaking a single word.

Story telling

Stories can help you express complex things things easily and effectively. 

power of words

How use of certain words in your speech can change the entire game for you!

art of winning

May it be in your organization or outside winning with your stage presence is just an art any more. 

46% of presenters feel that the most difficult part of creating a successful presentation is crafting a compelling story.

art & science of speech crafting

A well design speech is always well accepted and valued. 

personality style

Now this the most ignored one but the most important one to create an IMPACT through your presentation or speech.

Emotional intelligencce

Understanding Emotional Intelligence and its importance in public speaking.

Effective q&A

When you close well, you leave a lasting impact on your audience. Let’s handle it well!!


I started my journey from a small town. English was my second language during my graduation. I encountered several challenges during my first few years in the corporate world, due to my inadequate communication. During these difficult times I felt my self-confidence and motivation dip to very low levels. However, I had a dream and I was not going to let a few road blocks deter me from traveling, enjoying the journey of life. In last 17 years I have donned the caps of being a teacher, coach, mentor, founder and Professional Speaker.

In I M P A C T Workshop, I have curated the simple, result-oriented, implementable techniques.  These techniques are a result of my experiences of what helps working professionals to rise above the day to day challenges. I have also designed a 41-pages work book for you with all the techniques and strategies we work through during the 2-days workshop, which will help you in your journey to become a great public speaker. 

I invite you to join me on this amazing 2-days power-packed workshop to create a style and presence that you have always dreamt to have in your personal professional life.

Ajaya Panda

IMPACT Workshop Facilitator 


F.A.Q. About 2-days IMPACT Workshop

17th and 18th June 2023

In a Business Hotel – Hyderabad 

This is an off-line – open house (in person) public workshop.

Yes, you will get a 41-pages I M P A C T Workbook on Day-1 of the workshop itself. 

Yes, you will receive complete 1 year support from our team with complimentary & related content in our private WhatsApp group. You will also receive different discounts and offers in our upcoming NEW online or offline courses / workshops. 

Limited Seats available – Booking amount for this workshop is INR 1000 only. For Complete Investment & Special Early bird offer which is going on till 16th May 2023. Book a call to discuss @ +91 97763 99333 

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