13th May 2023

120 Minutes - LIVE Workshop

4 Strategies To Create An Impact on People You Know & Also People You Don’t Know!!

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"Public speaking is a critical leadership skill that can help you inspire and influence others." - John C. Maxwell

In this high engaging and interactive 2 Hours workshop,  you will learn 4-strategies that you can start implementing from the very next day at your work place, during a meeting or even on your next stage appearance.

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It's not INR 1099.00

It's just INR 199.00

13th May 2023

Who can attend this workshop?

Future Leaders
Doctors Lawyers / CAs / CS / Other Professionals
Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
Start-up Founders / Co-founders
IT Professionals
Corporate Leaders / Directors
Sales & Marketing Professionals


Audience analysis

Understanding your audience and standing up to their expectation will help you create an IMPACT.



Next time you are on stage, winning over your FEAR will definitely gonna help you create an IMPACT.


Content crafting

In today’s world your content is the key to your success and the craft would help you create an IMPACT.


style of speaking

Developing your own unique style for your next talk can be game changer and help you create an IMPACT.

It's not INR 1099.00

It's just INR 199.00

13th May 2023


What you take home from this workshop?

You get an E-book absolutely FREE with this workshop to support you on your growth journey.

Ajaya Panda

Professional Speaker & Facilitator for IMPACT Workshop

I started my journey from a small town. English was my second language during my graduation. I encountered several challenges during my first few years in the corporate world, due to my inadequate communication. During these difficult times I felt my self-confidence and motivation dip to very low levels. However, I had a dream and I was not going to let a few road blocks deter me from traveling, enjoying the journey of life. In last 17 years I have donned the caps of being a teacher, coach, mentor, founder and Professional Speaker.

I invite you to join me on this amazing 2-hrs power-packed workshop to learn 4-strategies which will help you become a better speaker and create an IMPACT on your audience. 

I will personally coach you and clarify your queries LIVE during this workshop and help you understand the concepts better and be able to learn, how to implement the same in your personal and professional life. 

F A Qs about the 2-hours LIVE workshop

This Live Workshop will be conducted on Microsoft Teams Platform. Note: You can download the app or log in through laptop on browser. 

The ongoing offer investment is INR 199.00 only.

Click the BOOK MY SEAT NOW link on this webpage, it will guide you to the registration page.

No, this is a LIVE interactive workshop with realtime Q&A. In 120 mins of workshop you will have more than 110 mins of pure leaning. 

It's not INR 1099.00

It's just INR 199.00

13th May 2023

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